Confidentiality Note:

Any information send via e-mail

must be password protected.

DO NOT insert the document inside the e-mail body. Instead, save the document to your

hard drive with a password, and THEN

attach the document to the e-mail.


Also, any confidential information stored electronically (e.g. month-end reports, Incident Reports, etc.) on your personal computer, must be protected from unauthorized access (i.e. security codes, firewall, passwords).

How to password protect an MS-WORD document:

With the document open, click on 'save as' and then 'tools'. In the drop down box click 'save options' or maybe 'security options' (depending on which version you own). In that box enter a 'password to open' (provided by the agency) and a 'password to edit' (enter your own personal password here) in the appropriate box.


Contact the agency for a password to use to secure the document. 

Foster Parent Forms


. . . for printing out to write on




COMPUTER USE FORMS ONLY  —   NOTE: MS Word format only

. . . for data-entry on your computer



Allowance Record

Alternate Caregiver Information

Caregiver Receipt

Fire Drill

Multi-Medication Record

Supplemental (external)


Appointment Summary

Clothing Record

Daily Log Report

Monthly Expense Claim


Meds. Record

Travel Expense Reimbursement

Allowance Record

Clothing Record

Non-Prescription Medication Record

Serious-Incident Report

Travel Claim Expense

Appointment Summary

Fire Drill Report

Non-Serious Report

Supplemental Training (external)