Village Parents — part 2

Text Box: CHILDREN FIRST  Foster Care Program

 As a provider for Children Services, “CHILDREN FIRST’ holds the following ideology:


“It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child”


ChildrenFirst is dedicated to providing quality, family based care to children who are in need of stability and consistency. We believe that a nurturing, healthy and safe family environment is essential for the well being of all children.


ChildrenFirst believes that appropriate child-to-foster home matching is particularly important. As well, foster homes require skilled support services to successfully manage the behaviors presented by the children in their care.


ChildrenFirst seeks Foster Parents who demonstrate a sincere interest in the well being of children. Foster Parents must make it evident, through actions taken, that they understand and are in agreement with stated foster care standards implemented through the Alberta Association of Services for Children and Families.


ChildrenFirst requires that Foster Parents make the necessary effort to support connections between a foster child(ren) and their natural family, community, cultural and spiritual connections, whenever possible.


ChildrenFirst promotes a para-professional level of parenting. Therefore, all Foster Parents are trained in the many areas of therapeutic care, enabling them to manage a vast array of problems and challenges presented by their foster children, and the system at large.


ChildrenFirst offers continued support services to each Foster Family. Trained Foster Care Support Workers work with each family throughout the various transitions. It is our experience that through open communication, respect of differing views, and a team approach, fostering can be a successful and fulfilling experience for all people involved.


ChildrenFirst understands that the success of any foster care program depends on the strong personal commitment to honesty, integrity, and high moral standards. Children First is a social work agency which accepts the Social Worker Code of Ethics as our guiding principals in providing service.